Areté Structures Pedestrian Overpass Bridges

At Areté Structures, our goal is to instill confidence in you throughout the pedestrian overpass bridge design, manufacture, delivery, and assembly process.


High-Quality Bridge Material – FRP

We offer our customers fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) as the bridge material of choice to provide you with the highest quality of bridge material. 

FRP is high strength and corrosion-resistant, making it the ideal material for pedestrian overpass bridges. It allows you to transport and install your FRP bridge easily.

Going Above & Beyond Expectations

The Areté Structures bridges are custom designed to meet your project specifications. Our fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) pedestrian overpass bridges: 

  • Are extremely lightweight (FRP is a quarter of steel’s weight)
  • Has a 100+ year lifespan
  • Can be installed with hand tools (heavy equipment not needed)
  • Guarantees quick and easy installation 
  • Reduces your onsite construction time 
  • Lowers overall construction costs 
  • Requires minimal ongoing maintenance

Our Manufacturing Process

To guarantee a first-rate pedestrian overpass bridge, we provide our customers with:

  • Precision CNC machine to fabricate all critical bridge members 
  • Pre-label bridge components before delivery
  • Critical Component Pre-Assembly Certification to guarantee fit and function

Access to a Licensed Engineering Firm

We partner with our sister company, Areté Engineers, to assist with your bridge’s planning and design phases. All engineering services are contracted to and provided by Areté Engineers, PLLC or another licensed engineering firm.

Customized Options

We can customize our bridges for your specific needs. We can adjust the decking design, bridge color, and flame retardance resin to meet your needs.

Bridge Design Options

Structural design options:

Truss design 

Stringer design 

Underslung truss design


Standard Features

Standard features options (unless otherwise noted):

  • Camber – Standard, positive fabricated mechanical cambers
  • End Type – Straight or sloped ends 
  • Hand-Railing Height – 42″ or 54″ above floor decking
  • Hardware – Hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Resin – Strongwell’s patented EXTREN 500 Series non-fire retardant 
  • Safety Mid-Rails – A 4″ maximum spacing is required for ADA compliance

Design Features

Design features to consider:

  • Finish/color – Olive green color (custom colors available)
  • Fabrication – Hole location and profile tolerance of +/- 1/16″
  • Decking – FRP or pine

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