A fabricated bridge (also known as prefabricated) is when the builder designs and manufactures the bridge in a separate location then transports it to the bridge site. Using a fabricated bridge design is the ideal option for several reasons, including if you need a faster bridge construction process. Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) is a material that works well with prefabricated bridge designs. 

Continue reading to learn more about FRP prefabricated bridges and their tremendous benefits.

Why Use a Fabricated Bridge?

You will have more flexibility with your time and budget. Below is an example of what you can expect with fabricated bridges.

  • FRP Bridge kits are shipped on pallets unassembled and can reduce the trucking shipment costs.
  • This also allows easier transport to remote sites.
  • Constructing the bridge can be done quickly without the use of expensive cranes or other equipment.
  • Use unskilled workers to assemble (saving you money on paying for a large, experienced team of workers).

Prefabricated bridges follow the same pedestrian bridge standards and are a strong, durable product. Learn more about how prefabricated truss and beam bridges work here. 

What is FRP?

Fiber reinforced polymer, or FRP, is a structural fiberglass material that has been around for decades and has entered the bridge construction industry within the last few years. The pultrusion process involves a molding method that pulls glass strands through a die and then embeds them in a polymer. The result is a strong, durable, lightweight material. 

You can watch this video if you want to see the pultrusion process in action.

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10 Benefits of Using an FRP Prefabricated Bridge

There are plenty of benefits for using a prefabricated bridge and for having an FRP bridge. When choosing an FRP bridge, the cost-saving and time-saving benefits are well worth the investment. Additionally, you can view some of these FRP pedestrian prefabricated bridges located throughout the United States!

#1 Reduced Shipping Costs

#2 Reduced On-site Equipment  Costs

#3 Shorter Construction Time with Simple Assembly 

#4 Reduced Ongoing Maintenance Costs

#5 Easier Transport to Remote Sites 

#6 Fewer Workers Needed 

#7 Lightweight Bridge Parts 

#8 Long Bridge Lifespan (100+ years) 

#9 Corrosion and UV-Resistant Material 

#10 Designed for all types of pedestrian or light vehicle bridges 

Do You Know About Areté Structures? 

Our team designs, manufactures, and delivers bridges (truss, underslung truss, and stringer bridges) that use FRP. We only use high-quality FRP material and have partnered exclusively with Strongwell, the world’s largest FRP manufacturer, to ensure the best quality possible. 

Learn more about our prefabricated bridge services and how they arrive in an easy to assemble bridge kit.  

Are You Ready to Save Money with a Pre-Engineered Bridge?

At Areté Structures, our team regularly works with FRP materials for prefabricated pedestrian bridges, bridge abutments, disaster relief water tank stands, and more. We will use our vast knowledge of this material to design and manufacture a bridge to meet your exact specifications. 

Contact us to learn more or if you know your bridge requirements, request a quote.