FRP BRidges

Prefab FRP Trussed and I-Beam Bridges

Areté Structures is not just a bridge supplier. We help guide your project from conception to completion. Our sister company, Areté Engineers, can provide engineering services from preliminary design through construction management. All deliverables can be stamped by a licensed Professional Engineer.

The Areté Difference

  • Critical Components Pre-Assembly Certification: Pre-assembled bridge components guarantee the perfect fit and function prior to shipment.
  • PE-stamped Submittal Package is Standard: Licensed professional engineers design every bridge without outsourcing engineering support.
  • Precision CNC Parts: Human error is eliminated when parts are fabricated by a CNC machine.
  • Engineered Cost Optimization: Each bridge is custom-designed to optimize cost and provide the most cost-effective solution.
  • Foundation Designs: We can provide certified foundation designs based on geotechnical soil reports.

Fiber reinforced polymer

Fiber reinforced polymer or FRP is manufactured by a process called PULTRUSION which uses glass strands that are pulled through a die and embedded in a polymer, making a strong, durable product that can be used in multiple structural applications.

Advantages of FRP

Pre-fab trussed and i-beam FRP bridges are an ideal solution for remote pedestrian crossings or in locations where low maintenance is desired.

  • Light weight: Compared to steel, FRP is approximately a quarter of the weight, making it ideal for remote locations where all the bridge components could be carried to the construction site by hand.
  • Can be assembled by “unskilled” labor: All individual bridge parts are prefabricated and ready to assemble on site.
  • Economical choice for remote locations.
  • Corrosion resistant: Material is extremely durable
  • Moderate span lengths: Span lengths of of up to 100 feet are achievable.

Download our general bridge specifications here.



FRP Decking
FRP decking can be used on all types pedestrian or light vehicle bridge. Decking could be used for any number of uses including boardwalks, decks, mezzanines, stair treads, etc. Advantages of using FRP decking is that they are maintenance free, corrosion resistant and have a high skid resistance.


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