Our Products

Truss Bridge

The Arete’ Truss Bridge is an ideal solution for a remote location where a longer span bridge is needed. Our truss bridges are light weight and easy to install, while providing a clear span of up to 90 feet. No heavy equipment is needed for the installation. Arete’ Structures provides two decking options timber, or our lightweight non-slip FRP decking.

I-Beam Stringer Bridge

The Arete’ I-Beam Stringer or Boardwalk Bridge is a more economical solution for your shorter span foot bridge or light vehicle bridge needs. The I-Beam Stringer bridge does not come with a railing, but a curb or handrail is available for an additional cost.

Underslung Truss Bridge

The Arete’ Underslung Truss Bridge is a unique design where the structural members are found under the decking. This allows the customer to provide their own handrail and decking out of local material, or Arete can provide decking and handrail if needed. The ideal clear span for the Underslung Truss bridge is 25 feet through 60 feet.