As a bridge manufacturer and supplier, we are sometimes asked, “how long does it take to build a beam bridge?” The easy answer is that assembly of a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) beam bridge (otherwise known as a stringer bridge) is fast and easy for bridges spanning 10-25 ft. If you use a crew of two people, it only takes one to two days per span to assemble the bridge using only hand tools. However, the reality is that the whole process takes longer from start to finish.

9 Steps Needed to Build a Beam Bridge 

As mentioned, the length of time it takes to build a beam bridge is only one to two days per span to assemble. Please note that several steps must occur before you complete the bridge.

Step 1: Conduct Pre-Work

Before contacting the bridge manufacturer, you’ll need to determine your bridge specifications. 

  • Span 
  • Width
  • Bridge usage
    • Pedestrian 
    • Bicycle
    • Equestrian

Step 2: Request a Quote 

Request an official quote to learn the anticipated cost of your project. You can request an Areté Structures beam bridge quote here.

Step 3: Receive an Official Quote

When you request a quote from us, we’ll send you the beam bridge cost within 1-2 days of your request. 

Step 4: Send Down-Payment 

Once you review the quote and ask any questions you might have, you can approve the quote by sending in a down payment. 

Step 5: Manufacturing of Your Bridge 

For the next 6-8 weeks, our skilled team of bridge builders will manufacture, preassemble, package, and ship your bridge. 

We use a specific fabrication process to ensure the bridge meets your exact specifications. 

  • Precision CNC Machine
    • We fabricate all critical bridge members using a precision CNC machine. 
    • This process eliminates human error and creates a hole location and profile tolerance that is +/- 1/16”.
  • Pre-Labeled Bridge Parts
    • Our team will pre-label your parts for easy assembly. 
  • Critical Component Pre-Assembly Certification
    • We preassemble all essential bridge components to guarantee fit and function before it arrives on-site.

Step 6: Construct Abutments 

Before bridge delivery, you’ll need to construct the bridge abutments.

Step 7: Bridge Delivery 

You’ll need to offload the bridge on delivery and mobilize the bridge components to the bridge site.

Step 8: Begin the Assembly Process 

Now that you’re ready to assemble your beam bridge, the steps include:

  • Set beams 
  • Connect beams together with diaphragms (perpendicular members) and attach with angle clips and bolts
  • Add decking

During the assembly step, you will receive a complete set of assembly instructions and an instructional video. Additionally, as a certified small business, we have an on-call commitment to you. Therefore, our team is available to answer your questions throughout the assembly process.  

Step 9: Enjoy Your Bridge

Congratulations on the completion of your bridge! Your FRP beam bridge will last for 100 years plus. You’ll need to replace your FRP decking after 50 years. If you choose to use timber decking, the replacement is typically 15-30 years for pressure-treated timber. 

Now You Know How Long It Takes to Build a Beam Bridge!

Since you have an answer to your question, it’s time to take the next step and connect with Areté Structures. We’re here to help answer the questions you may have or if you have already completed your pre-work, then request a quote from us for your beam bridge. We look forward to hearing from you.