Custom Designed Pedestrian Footbridges

When it’s time for your next pedestrian footbridge project, the Areté Structures team will work with you every step of the way from design to assembly. We guarantee that the bridge will meet your specifications and needs. 

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About Arete Structures

A High-Quality Bridge Material

At Areté Structures, we manufacture our pedestrian footbridges using the highest quality fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) material. FRP is an ideal bridge material due to its lightweight and long-lasting (100+ years) properties and its ability to easily transport to the onsite location. 

Watch this video to learn more about Areté Structures’ FRP bridges.

Your Custom Designed Areté Structures Bridge

Every pedestrian bridge follows our specific manufacturing process, which guarantees your bridge components are free from errors and mistakes. At Areté Structures, we manufacture every bridge using our fabrication and quality control process.

  • Precision CNC machinery used for all critical bridge members 
  • Pre-labeled components for all pieces before delivery
  • Critical component pre-assembly certification for fit and function

Your Areté Structures bridge won’t just meet your expectations –  it will exceed them!

Gain Access to a Licensed Engineering Firm

We partner with our sister company, Areté Engineers, to assist with your bridge’s planning and design phases. All engineering services are contracted to and provided by Areté Engineers, PLLC, or another licensed engineering firm.


Assembly and Installation Made Easy

Assemble your FRP pedestrian footbridge in usually 1-2 days using standard hand tools (power tools aren’t needed). Your bridge will come with an assembly plan with easy-to-follow instructions, an assembly manual, and instructional video.

FRP Pedestrian Footbridge Features and Benefits 

  • Custom designs available using the Allowable Stress Design Method and/or AASHTO specifications by Areté Engineers, PLLC, or another licensed engineering firm
  • On-call commitment to answer your questions 
  • Reduced onsite construction time 
  • Easy installation using standard hand tools
  • Construct using unskilled labor
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance needed
  • Lower construction costs 
  • Optimized, cost-effective design options available for size and loading conditions 
  • Increased pedestrian safety over bodies of water, roadways, railroads in urban/peri-urban areas

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