Arlington, TX

Project Overview

Areté Structures designed, supplied an delivered a 43-ft x 5-ft FRP bridge for the Waterway Park Home Owners Association in Arlington, Texas. This bridge is olive green in color with FRP non skid decking. 


FRP Bridge Design

  • 43-ft length x 5-ft width
  • Minimum 42-in high railing above decking
  • Continuous horizontal toe plates
  • Pony Truss Design
  • Strongwell EXTREN® 500 Series Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Structural Shape. Strongwell FRP products are made in Bristol, VA.
  • Olive Green Color
  • 2 sets- 3003 Aluminum Abutment Clips
  • Galvanized Hardware for Structural Members and Decking Hardware


  • Non-skid Fiber reinforced polymer decking

Design Load

Design Criteria 

  • 100-PSF Pedestrian Live Load
  • AASHTO Guide Specifications for FRP pedestrian bridges
  • AASHTO Guide Specifications for pedestrian bridges
  • ASCE Pre-Standard for LRFD of Pultruded FRP Structures
  • Drawings and calculations provided and sealed by a professional engineer in the state of Texas