Once you’re ready to move forward with your beam bridge project, you’ll need to know a few essential elements before you can request a quote from a bridge manufacturer. It’s important to note that the required specifications of a beam bridge will slightly differ depending on the manufacturer. 

For the purpose of requesting a quote, this article will educate you on the typical specifications needed for a prefabricated beam bridge. Then you can learn more about how the Areté Structures team designs a beam bridge.

Required Specifications of a Beam Bridge

When you’re ready to move forward on your beam bridge project, here are some of the typical specifications you’ll need to know. This information helps to ensure you receive an accurate quote on your beam bridge.  

  • Determine Bridge Usage
    • Pedestrian
    • Bicycle
    • Equestrian
  • Determine Hand-Railing Height
    • 42 inches
    • 54 inches (required for bicycle and equestrian bridges)
  • Select Hardware
    • Standard – Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel
    • Upgrade – Stainless Steel
  • Select Color
    • Standard – Olive Green
    • Upgrade – Custom Colors
  • Include Bridge Width
  • Include Bridge Length 

Beam Bridge Specifications Needed for a Quote  

When you’re ready to start your bridge project with Areté Structures, you can complete our online quote form.

How Areté Structures Designs a Beam Bridge

At Areté Structures, we specialize in fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) bridges. FRP is a lightweight and durable material option that:

  • Helps to lower overall transportation costs (small parts with less weight compared to other materials)
  • Allows the workforce to easily hand carry to remote bridge sites 
  • Requires minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Offers a 100+ year lifespan

Below is an explanation of how our team designs a beam bridge and the typical specifications we use for an FRP bridge.

Beam Bridge Design 

The beam bridge offers a simple and durable design that makes it ideal for nature trails and national parks, especially for remote areas. The Areté Structures team typically builds bridges for spans ranging from 10 to 24 feet long. Then during the manufacturing process, we use FRP I-beams for the bridge design. 

The structural design elements will include: 

  • Foundation/abutments and piers (for multispan bridges)
  • Curbs
  • Decking

FRP Beam Bridge Specifications

To learn more about the typical specifications, including design features, engineering components, fabrication, and more, click here