Building a water tank tower yourself can be a tempting option when time is limited and you need to supply fresh water to a community. However, water tanks stands that are not properly designed can be dangerous and time-consuming to construct. Continue reading to learn about some makeshift tank stand options and a practical safer solution that’s available. 

Why are Water Tank Towers Beneficial? 

After a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane hits an area, water systems are often damaged or destroyed. When that happens, it leads to one of the community’s biggest concerns: how to supply everyone with clean and safe drinking water. The lack of safe drinking water can lead to disease outbreaks such as cholera.

Humanitarian response organizations often provide modular water treatment systems to communities after a disaster. These systems pump clean water into an elevated storage tank. Then using gravity, the water is distributed via tap stands or a distribution system. One disadvantage to this option is that many areas have difficulty safely and quickly constructing a water tank tower. 

How to Build a Water Tank Tower Yourself

If you’re looking at how to build a water tank tower yourself, there are a few options.

Makeshift Tank Stands: Use locally sourced materials to construct the stand. 

Disadvantage: it is important that any makeshift structure still be designed so that the structure can support the weight of the water. Historically, makeshift structures are just guesstimates and are not properly designed. This means available materials such as wood/timber frames may not be durable enough to handle the weight from the water tank. Additionally, materials may degrade over time, and they can be dangerous if there is a risk of collapse. 

Manufactured Tank Stands – Construct the stand using durable and quality materials from a local supplier.

Disadvantage: A manufactured tank stand is more likely to be properly designed. However, it may be challenging to identify a local supplier in the aftermath of a disaster. It takes time to source and procure the stand and construct it, making it difficult to supply a tank stand rapidly.

Natural Terrain Tank Stands – Use existing topography to construct the stand. This is a good choice if there is an elevated option.

Disadvantage: Site selection can be challenging and therefore put constraints on where and if a system can be located. The location chosen will need to be leveled for proper stability, which may be challenging depending on the soil type (i.e., a significant presence of rock).

Sandbags or Mounded Dirt Tank Stands – Construct the stand using low-cost sandbags.

Disadvantage: Similar to the manufactured stands’ this takes a few days to construct the tower. In addition, sandbags will degrade over time if not adequately protected from the elements.

3 Reasons Why a Tank Stand Tower Kit is Valuable 

Quickly installing a safe and functional water tank tower during a crisis can make a massive difference to a community. Areté Structures saw this need and developed a water tank stand tower kit using fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) to help communities in need.

FRP is manufactured using a pultrusion process. During this process, glass strands are pulled through a die and embedded in a polymer. The result is a robust and durable product. 

Here are three reasons why an FRP tank stand tower kit is a practical option for you.

#1 Easy Assembly with 1-2 People

The FRP properties make it extremely strong while still being very lightweight. In addition, the tank stands are designed so each piece can be lifted by one to two people.

#2 Construct Using Hand Tools in a Few Hours  

Thanks to its strategic design, the tank stand can be constructed using basic hand tools in just a few hours using a 2-person crew.

#3 Customizations are Available

With the help of our sister company, Areté Engineers, we can design tank stands for bladder or onion tanks or hard-sided poly tanks of all dimensions. We can also make a modular stand to stack 1-2 high for added pressure.

Learn More About Our Water Tank Tower Kits

At Areté Structures, our team worked tirelessly to design a stand that’s easy to use so you can quickly begin supplying clean water to a community. Contact our team to learn more about our tank tower kits.