Fiber Reinforced Polymer Pedestrian Boardwalk Bridges

At Areté Structures, we supply high-quality and long-lasting pedestrian boardwalk bridges. Our bridges are made from a lightweight, structural fiberglass material called fiber reinforced polymer (FRP). FRP can easily be customized to meet your project’s needs and is corrosion and UV-resistant.

Watch this video to learn more about FRP bridges and Areté Structures.


Pedestrian Boardwalk Bridge FRP Design Options

Areté Structures provides long-lasting FRP Boardwalk Kits to clients throughout the US and Canada. Our Boardwalks are easy to assemble and each structure is engineered by a licensed engineer. Our standard maximum span is 24-feet between supports. We claim a 100-year life for our FRP Boardwalks. When considering the present value of an FRP boardwalk compared to a timber boardwalk, the FRP is also the most cost effective solution due the replacement of FRP components interval being much longer.

Decking Design Options

We’ll work with you to determine the bridge’s decking use and purpose. Then help you to determine if  FRP non-skid decking, grating, or timber is the best decking material to use. 

Bridge Color Options

Our bridges come in the standard olive green color, which works well for park and trail bridges. However, we do have the ability to modify the color if your project needs another option.

Flame Retardant Resin

We can easily manufacture your FRP bridge with a flame retardant resin (it comes in a slate gray color).

Additional Customization Available

FRP is a highly customizable material and can work with your project’s needs, including:

  • Boardwalk bridge configurations (according to design needs)
  • Decking
  • Colors
  • Flame retardant resin

Your Areté Structures bridge won’t just meet your expectations –  it will exceed them!

Why FRP is the Best Material Choice

FRP is the ideal pedestrian bridge material because it can be easily transported, installed using unskilled labor, and is remarkably durable. 

# 1 Choice for Remote Locations 

FRP bridges are only a quarter of the weight of steel bridges, and individual parts weigh less than 125 lbs. each. These lightweight parts can easily be hand-carried to remote bridge site locations and assembled without using heavy equipment. 

#1 Choice for Durability 

Every Areté Structures FR bridge uses the Strongwell EXTREN® 500 Series. As a result, it will withstand environmental elements for 100+ years and require minimal maintenance once installed! 

Choose Areté Structures for Your Next Bridge

Our team will work with you through the entire design, manufacturing, delivery, and assembly process. When you’re ready to get started, contact us. Or request a quote for your FRP pedestrian boardwalk bridge now by completing our online form here.