Prefabricated Truss Bridges

Our prefabricated truss bridges are fully manufactured and built in the USA. The bridge configurations available include standard truss or underslung truss options. You can also customize the decking, color, and flame retardance resin to meet your project requirements. 



Working with a Trusted, Licensed Engineering Firm

A Superior Bridge Material

Many of our prefabricated truss bridges feature the Strongwell EXTREN® 500 Series fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) structural shape. FRP is a lightweight material, corrosion-resistant, and 100+ lifespan bridge material. Learn more about FRP.

Affordable and Easy Installation for Remote Locations

If your bridge parts need to be transported to a hard-to-access site – with FRP, it’s easy. All the parts weigh less than 125 lbs each, which are far lighter than steel bridge parts! Thus, making it easy to be hand-carried to isolated locations, flown by helicopter, or transported by truck or ATV. Bridges can be quickly assembled without heavy equipment, by using basic hand tools and unskilled labor.

Exceeding Expectations from Start to Finish!

Prefabricated Truss Bridge Features

All bridges come standard with the following features (unless otherwise noted):


    • Available Colors – olive green or custom colors available upon request 
    • Decking – FRP or pine 
    • End Type – straight or sloped
    • Hand-Railing Height – 42″ or 54″ above decking
    • Hardware – galvanized steel 
    • Positive Mechanical Camber – one of a few bridge manufacturers to build this into the design
    • Safety Mid-Rails
    • Strongwell’s Patented EXTREN 500 Series Resinfor bridge members

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