Pedestrian Bridge Assembly

When you choose an Areté Structures bridge, we will provide you with a complete assembly instructions set. The Areté team will help you with any questions or concerns so you can have confidence during your pedestrian bridge assembly. 

Read below for more detailed information about your bridge assembly.

Pedestrian Bridge Questions 

Before your bridge arrives, we can walk you through any questions you may have about the assembly process. For example, we can assist in estimating the bridge weight or individual members’ weight. This information is helpful if you need to hand-carry or helicopter bridge parts to a remote location so that you can plan for that process in advance.


Once your bridge arrives, you will receive a full set of assembly instructions. Each bridge part is clearly labeled for you for an easy and straightforward assembly process. Our proven manufacturing process eliminates human error to ensure all parts are built to bridge specifications.


To assist you during the assembly process, we provide you with a critical component pre-assembly certification. This certification means our pedestrian bridge builders will pre-assemble essential bridge components to guarantee fit and function before shipment. 

So whether you selected a truss bridge or I-beam stringer bridge and selected FRP or timber decking material, you can assemble your Areté Structures bridge with ease. Our bridges can be constructed on-site without any specialized tools.

Our On-Call Committment to You

We are a certified small business. Which means we have an on-call commitment to you. If you have questions during any part of the assembly, please reach out to your contact at Areté Structures.


Pedestrian Bridge Assembly Resources


Instructional Guide

Download our Arete Field Installation Guide.

download Arete Structures assembly PDF

Instructional Video

Watch or download our field instructional video.