What is a Truss Bridge? Is it right for you?

The Areté Structures fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) truss bridge and underslung bridge are ideal solutions for a remote location where a long-span bridge is needed. Our truss bridges are lightweight and easy to install, which means no heavy equipment is necessary for the installation. FRP requires minimal maintenance and has a 100+ year lifespan. FRP bridge parts are small and easily transportable, learn more about FRP bridges here.

Areté Structures Truss Bridge Design Style

The truss bridge design is the most cost-effective design for longer clearspans. Our design is the ideal bridge for clearspans ranging from 25 to 80 or even 100 feet long. This design option always comes with a railing, which is inherent to the truss bridge design. 

Structural Design Elements 

The below items are essential and fundamental bridge elements.

      • Foundation/abutments and piers (for multispan)
      • Truss
      • Floor beams and outriggers 
      • Stringers (supports the decking)
      • Decking

Areté Underslung Truss Bridge Design Style

Our underslung truss bridge design is unique to Areté Structures. All the structural members (components) are below the bridge decking. This underslung design is an excellent option for anyone wanting to add their own decking and railing material for aesthetic or functional purposes. 

Our underslung design is the ideal bridge for clearspans ranging from 40 to 65 feet long.

2 Decking
Material Options

We provide you with two decking options for your truss bridge. You can select from timber or our lightweight FRP decking

FRP decking is maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant, and is high skid resistance. Learn more here.

Where to Build a Truss Bridge?

Whether you select the traditional bridge design or the unique Areté underslung design, they make great bridges for the below locations. 

    • Community spaces 
    • Equestrian trails 
    • Nature trails 
    • National parks

Areté Structures Portfolio

Town of Woodside California, FRP Truss Bridge

We designed and supplied a 50 foot by x6 foot FRP Truss Bridge in June 2020. The bridge will be used primarily by equestrians that live and visit the Town of Woodside. Learn more about this project here.

Boulder Country Parks and Open Space Department, FRP Pont Truss Design

We designed and supplied a fully engineered pre-fabricated clearspan FRP bridge kit for the Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department in Colorado. The bridge supports equestrians, pedestrians, bicycles, and light vehicles. Learn more about this project here.

Areté Structures Bridge DESIGNS

Trail Bridge

We supply prefabricated trail bridges made from lightweight fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) also called structural fiberglass.

Prefab Bridge

Our prefab bridges can be assembled in a days with instructions, an assembly manual, and instructional video.

Walkway Bridges

Walkway bridges can be prefabricated to specifications, delivered, and assembled on-site easily and quickly. Learn more them. 

Bicycle Bridges

Mountain bike paths often need bicycle bridges over rivers, creeks, and other treacherous areas for bikers. Areté Structures can help.

Golf Course Briges

The Areté Structures team will assist you throughout the design and construction process to ensure your golf course bridge meets your exact specifications.

Pedestrian Overpass Bridges

Our goal is to instill confidence in you throughout the pedestrian overpass bridge design, manufacture, delivery, and assembly process.

Prefabricated Trusses

We fabricate bridges for pedestrians, vehicles, equestrians, trails, parks, golf courses, and many other locations. 

Footpath Bridge

We supply prefabricated footpath bridges and guarantee the bridge will meet your exact specifications. 

FRP Walkway Bridges

We supply walkway bridges made from lightweight fiber reinforced polymer (FRP). The FRP bridge material (also known as structural fiberglass) is a lightweight and high-strength material that we can easily customize to meet your bridge’s specifications. 

Prefabricated Truss Bridges

We are your source for prefabricated truss bridges. Our prefabricated truss bridges are fully manufactured and built in the USA. The bridge configurations available include standard truss or underslung truss options. Click here to read more about bridges.

Fiberglass Trail Bridges

When you choose Areté Structures for your structural fiberglass trail bridge, we guarantee that your bridge will meet your exact specifications! Our team will work one-on-one with you from bridge design to assembly. Learn more by clicking below.

Lightweight Bridges

When you become an Areté Structures customer, we guarantee a first-rate lightweight bridge using our proven manufacturing process. We’ll work with you one-on-one throughout your lightweight bridge’s design and construction process.

Pedestrian Footbridges

When it’s time for your next pedestrian footbridge project, the Areté Structures team will work with you every step of the way from design to assembly. We guarantee that the bridge will meet your specifications and needs. 

Pedestrian Boardwalk

At Areté Structures, we supply high-quality and long-lasting pedestrian boardwalk bridges. Our bridges are made from a lightweight, structural fiberglass material called fiber reinforced polymer (FRP). FRP can easily be customized to meet your project’s needs and is corrosion and UV-resistant.