Pedestrian Bridge Builders

All Areté Structures bridges are manufactured locally in Boone, NC. Our proven manufacturing process eliminates human error to ensure all parts are built to bridge specifications. Our pedestrian bridge builders instill confidence in our customers throughout the pedestrian bridge design, manufacture, delivery, and assembly process.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Bridges

We offer our customers FRP as the bridge material of choice. We’ve partnered exclusively with Strongwell to bring this material to our customers. Strongwell is the world’s largest provider of FRP parts and FRP bridge manufacturer. FRP is a high strength, lightweight, corrosion-resistant material so it is an ideal product for bridges that can be easily transported, quickly installed and extremely durable. 

Our Fabrication Process

Precision CNC Machine

We utilize a precision CNC machine to fabricate all critical bridge members. To ensure all parts are exact and eliminate human error. During fabrication, hole location and profile tolerance are +/- 1/16”.

Bridge Parts

All bridge parts are labeled within the shop to ensure assembly ease. We will provide all the hardware to assemble your bridge. The hardware will typically be Standard A307 hot-dipped galvanized (with stainless steel upgrades available).

Critical Component Pre-Assembly Certification

Quality manufacturing is key to preventing issues in the field. To help you with the assembly process, we will provide you with a critical component pre-assembly certification. This means our pedestrian bridge builders will pre-assemble essential components of the bridge to guarantee fit and function before shipment.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Bridges

FRP is stronger than structural steel on a pound-for-pound basis.

Benefits of FRP Bridges

Corrosion Resistance

The fiberglass material will not rot or rust, and it’s not affected by insects or sunlight.

Light Weight

Our fiberglass composite products weigh approximately 75-80% less than steel and 30% less than aluminum. Additionally, you can assemble FRP bridges using “unskilled labor.”  

Lower weights mean:

  • Lower transportation costs
  • Easier and quicker installation
  • Less overall weight in structural designs