Areté Structures Bicycle Bridge Options

When you choose to work with Areté Structures, our team will assist you throughout the bicycle bridge (or mountain bike bridge) design and construction process. In addition, we’ll work with you one-on-one to guarantee that your bicycle bridge meets your exact specifications. 

Areté Structures bicycle bridges are an ideal solution for backcountry mountain bike trails that may require stream or ravine crossings. The mountain bike bridges can make your trails more accessible and inviting to a broad range of cyclists.



About Arete Structures

You Receive More Than Expected with an Areté Bridge

To guarantee all bridge parts are exact and contain no human errors, we use a  precision CNC machine and manufacturing process. During that process, all your bridge parts are clearly labeled. Then during your delivery process, you’ll receive a complete set of simple assembly plans with field instructions.

We Work Directly with a Licensed Engineering Firm

Throughout your bicycle bridge design process, we have access to our sister company, Areté Engineers, to assist us during the planning and design phases.

Meeting Exact Specifications

At Areté Structures, we understand your mountain bike bridge needs to meet your exact specifications to fit your landscape and purpose. 

Features and Benefits for Mountain Bike Bridges

  • Custom-designed using the Allowable Stress Design (ASD) Method and/or AASHTO specifications by our sister company Areté Engineers
  • Critical component pre-assembly certification
  • Complete assembly package
  • On-call commitment: We will answer your questions throughout the assembly process.

Your Areté Structures bridge won’t just meet your expectations –  it will exceed them!

mountain bike bridges

High-Quality Building Material Option

We use a high-quality material called fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) for our mountain bike bridges. FRP provides several long-lasting benefits, including:

  • Lightweight (FRP is a quarter of steel’s weight)
  • 100+ year lifespan
  • Easily installed with hand tools (no heavy equipment needed)
  • Assemble with unskilled labor 
  • Reduces onsite construction time 
  • Reduces overall construction costs 
  • Requires minimal maintenance

To learn more about FRP and its manufacturing process, click here.


Bicycle Bridge Design Options

Structural design options:

    Standard Bicycle Bridge Features (unless otherwise noted)

    • Bridge members made with FRP
    • Strongwell’s patented EXTREN 500 Series Resin
    • Positive mechanical camber 
    • Straight or sloped end type 
    • 42″ or 54″ hand-railing height with above floor decking
    • Safety mid-rails 
    • Galvanized steel hardware 
    • Olive green color
    • FRP or Pine Decking 

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