FRP Structural Fiberglass Trail Bridges

When you choose Areté Structures for your structural fiberglass trail bridge, we guarantee that your bridge will meet your exact specifications! Our team will work one-on-one with you from bridge design to assembly. 

You can learn more information about each step of the bridge design process:



About Arete Structures

FRP Fiberglass Trail Bridge Design Options

Our fiberglass trail bridges are constructed from fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) material. FRP is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant material that’s easy to transport and completely customizable.

Color and Flame Retardant Options

The fiberglass trail bridges come in the standard olive green color (a great option for park and trail bridges). Other colors are available upon request. Strongwell’s patented EXTREN 500 Series non-fire retardant is included. Fire retardant resin upgrades are available.

Direct Access to a Licensed Engineering Firm

Our sister company, Areté Engineers, will assist with your bridge’s planning and design phases, as needed. All engineering services are contracted to and provided by Areté Engineers, PLLC, or another licensed engineering firm.

Your Areté Structures bridge won’t just meet your expectations –  it will exceed them!

Bridge Design

  • Is custom-designed using the Allowable Stress Design (ASD) Method and/or AASHTO specifications. 
  • Size and loading conditions provide the most cost-effective and optimized design for you.
  • Camber: Standard, positive fabricated mechanical cambers are used on all bridge types. Areté Structures is the only bridge manufacturer to provide this type of dead load camber. 
  • Configurations include:


    Rails, Ends and Hardware Options

    • Hand-Railing Height: All pedestrian bridge handrails will be 42″ or 54″ above floor decking. If building an equestrian bridge, the handrail will be 54″. 
    • Safety Mid-Rails: Standard on all bridge types. There is a 4″ maximum spacing for ADA compliance.
    • End Type: Choose from straight or sloped ends. If you are building an equestrian bridge or the bridge needs to accommodate light vehicles (ATVs, Gators, etc.), sloped ends are required.
    • Hardware: Standard A307 hot-dipped galvanized steel comes standard on all bridge types. An optional upgrade with stainless steel is available.

    An Exact Manufacturing Process

    We guarantee a first-rate trail bridge by including three essential elements in our manufacturing process. 

      1. Utilize precision CNC machine that will fabricate all critical bridge members 
      2. Pre-label all bridge components before it arrives at the bridge site 
      3. Follow a Critical Component Pre-Assembly Certification which guarantees fit and function

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