Areté Structures Cost-Effective Footpath Bridges

At Areté Structures, we supply prefabricated footpath bridges. We guarantee the bridge will meet your exact specifications. We’ll work with you on your footpath bridge project from design to assembly. 

Learn more about each step of the process:


What You Can Expect with an Areté Bridge

Our footpath bridges follow a precise fabrication and quality control process that guarantees your bridge components are exact and error-free. Your bridge is custom-designed to meet your specifications.

Precision CNC Machine

Fabricates all critical bridge members.

Bridge Parts

Every bridge component is individually labeled before delivery.

Critical Component Pre-Assembly Certification

Guarantees fit and function.

Licensed Engineering Firm

We partner with our sister company, Areté Engineers, to assist with your bridge’s planning and design phases. All engineering services are contracted to and provided by Areté Engineers, PLLC, or another licensed engineering firm.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer – Bridge Material

We manufacture our prefabricated footpath bridges from the highest quality structural fiberglass or lightweight fiber reinforced polymer (FRP). All FRP used in an Areté bridge is manufactured in the USA.  FRP is a lightweight, high-strength, and corrosion and UV-resistant bridge material. This material is easy to transport and allows you to easily install the bridge. 

If you would like to learn more about our FRP bridges and Areté Structures, watch this video.


    Easy Assembly and Installation

    The Areté Structures’ FRP footpath bridges can usually be assembled in 1-2 days using standard hand tools (no power tools needed). Each bridge comes with a complete assembly plan, including easy-to-follow instructions, an assembly manual, and instructional video.

    Footpath Bridges Features and Benefits

    Custom Designed – uses the Allowable Stress Design Method and/or AASHTO specifications by Areté Engineers, PLLC, or another licensed engineering firm

    Cost-Effective – size and loading conditions ensure the most optimized design

    On-Call Commitment – we are available to answer your questions during the installation  

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