FRP Walkway Bridges


FRP Walkway Bridges

At Areté Structures, we supply walkway bridges made from lightweight fiber reinforced polymer (FRP). The FRP bridge material (also known as structural fiberglass) is a lightweight and high-strength material that we can easily customize to meet your bridge’s specifications. 

Check out this video to learn more about FRP bridges and Areté Structures. 



FRP Bridge Material Benefits

Ideal for Remote Locations

Our FRP walkway bridges are a lightweight material option for remote locations. An FRP bridge weighs about a quarter of the weight of a steel bridge.

Our low-weight individual bridge parts weigh less than 125 lbs each. Additionally, you can assemble FRP parts without using heavy equipment.

Long Term Durability

We use Strongwell’s EXTREN® 500 Series FRP structural shapes for all of our bridges which provides added benefits that include:

  • Lifespan of 100+ years 
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance 
  • UV and corrosion resistance

Bridge Assembly and Installation

You can assemble your FRP walkway bridge in 1-2 days using standard hand tools. You will be provided complete assembly plans with simple instructions, an assembly manual, and an instructional video.

Your Areté Structures bridge won’t just meet your expectations –  it will exceed them!

FRP Walkway Bridge Design Options

In order to provide our customers with FRP bridges, we exclusively source the material through Strongwell Corporation, the most prominent and oldest FRP pultruder in the USA.

Walkway Bridge Type Options

  • Truss designs 
  • Underslung truss design 
  • I-beam stringer bridges designs

Bridge Color Options

You can select our standard olive green color (the ideal color for park and trail bridges), or we can work with you to modify the color to your specifications.

Decking Design Options

You can choose from FRP non-skid decking, grating, or timber decking, and we will design the decking based on the use and purpose of your bridge.

    Flame Retardant Resin Option

    If your FRP bridge needs a flame retardant coating, we can easily add it to your bridge. The flame retardant resin is available for the slate gray color of FRP.

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