FRP Prefab Bridge Design Style

At Areté Structures, we supply prefabricated bridges made from lightweight fiber reinforced polymer (FRP). The FRP bridge material is lightweight, high strength, corrosion and UV resistant, easy to install, and customizable.

Our FRP bridges are ideal for prefab bridges. Learn more about this material here.


FRP Prefab Bridge Design Style

Decking Design

We can design the decking to accommodate the use and purpose of the bridge. Additionally, you can choose from FRP non-skid decking or grating, or timber decking.

Bridge Color

Our standard olive green color is ideal for park and trail bridges. If you prefer another option, we can work with you to modify the color to fit your needs.

Flame Retardant Resin

All of the Areté bridges can be manufactured  from FRP with a flame retardant resin in the color slate gray.

Customized Options

We can customize our bridges for your specific needs. We can adjust the decking design, bridge color, and flame retardance resin to meet your needs.

FRP Benefits

FRP (also called structural fiberglass) bridges are an ideal solution for pedestrian, bicycle, equine, and light vehicular use. Areté Structures FRP trail bridges are the best option for remote bridge sites, and come in an easy to assemble bridge kit. It requires minimal maintenance and will have a 100+ year lifespan. 


Remote Locations

Our FRP prefab bridges are about a quarter of the weight of steel bridges. We design the individual bridge parts to weigh less than 125 lbs each. The low-weight parts make the FRP parts easier to be hand-carried to remote locations and assembled without using heavy equipment on the bridge site.


We use the Strongwell EXTREN® 500 Series FRP structural shapes for our prefab bridges. This material provides many benefits and advantages.

The FRP material is:

  • 100+ year lifespan
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Durable 
  • Minimal maintenance needed once installed 
  • Skid-resistant
  • UV resistant

    Assembly and Installation 

    Our FRP trail bridges can typically be assembled in 1-2 days using standard hand tools. Our bridges include full assembly plans with easy-to-follow instructions, an assembly manual, and instructional video.

    We Can Help You Get Started

    The Areté Structures team will work with you through the process of selecting the bridge’s structure, bridge material, and bridge design to fit your needs best.  

    If you’re ready to move forward with your trail bridge design, contact us. Receive a quote for your prefab bridge by completing our online form here.